Sunday, December 27, 2009

It is the long Christmas break, and today I have decided to celebrate by not getting out of bed except for trips to the kitchen for sustenance. I can hear Savannah's new movie playing, lots of drama between Harry and the forces of evil. Otherwise, it is a quiet Sunday in our household.

I have contemplated what to write about this time, and had decided on a discussion of names; but that no longer interests me. I could also expound on the terrifying trip dowm the mountain from Durango this past week that left me emotionally wrought while Kailee calmly posted to her Facebook from her cell phone. But I really have no wish to relive it. Perhaps I could write about the movie we went to see on Christmas day-- "Precious." Incredibly powerful, well-acted, and raw enough to make me want to walk out more than once but human enough to keep me in my seat.

But instead, I think I shall just send out a New Year's wish: May we all share each other's laughter and bear each other's tears.

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