Thursday, January 21, 2010


My white car is lost under the inches of snow falling outside. A real snow, not one of those dustings we've grown accustomed to here in the far northwestern corner of New Mexico. The weather forecasts promise this is only the beginning. I say, bring it on!

I am greatly appreciating the huge picture window in my front room today. It provides an excellent and gorgeous view of the happenings outside. And, it's clean, unlike the back patio doors that are decorated with muddy pawprints.

In the backyard everything is white, which brings out the brilliance of our visiting Woodpecker. He's a hefty fellow, with beautiful black stripes on his tawny wings. His chest has black spots on a light background, and he sports a flashly crimson cap. He is so perfectly dressed he could strut the red carpet anytime.

He has been hovering around all morning, working the huge cottonwood in the back yard, then turning his attention to my house, sending a resounding thump thump thump throughout until we shoo him away. It seems to be a game, now-- every time Savannah gets settled, he returns, thump thump thump.

I am not a bird watcher, so I had to research this little man to figure out what he was-- while he makes it clear he's a Woodpecker, he little resembles Woody, my only real image. Our visitor appears to be a Gila Woodpecker, which resides in the southernmost parts of Arizona and New Mexico. I have no idea why he would be so far north, unless he just couldn't stand the heat anymore.

Regardless, he has added a dose of color to an otherwise white day. He's welcome-- as long as he stays away from my back door.

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  1. This same guy was trying to chip away on our house this morning. Not too smart--we have permanent siding that doesn't seem to be woodpecker-friendly. What's up with these birdies in the snowstorm? Maybe they got pushed up here by the jetstream and are even more confused than we are?