Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Year in 2010: Lyrics

We can't technically get things started this year until we finally give up making lists about last year. So, in the spirit of clingy things, I am opening up a poll to all eleven of our readers (please leave a comment, Mom). I need to choose an appropriate lyric to represent the year of 2010. We had some brilliant work from some brilliant minds* and it is impossible to boil the work down into a single Best Lyrics by myself. I need help.

And the nominees are...

Katy Perry, "Firework"
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind?

Lady Gaga, "Alejandro"
You know that I love you, boy- you're hot like Mexico.

Justin Bieber, "Baby"
And I was like, "Baby, baby, baby, oh! Baby, baby, baby oh!"

Ke$ha, "We R Who We R"
We're dancing like we're dumb-dum-duh-duh-duh-dumb.

We need to crown a Best Lyrics of 2010. Please help. I'm leaning toward Ke$ha, or throwing in a surpise- Miley Cyrus is a scene-stealer, you know.

*excellent lead in to my documentary, Misunderstood Genius Syndrome.


  1. I don't know-- there is a certain mastery in Gaga's simile.

  2. "Misunderstood Genius Syndrome..." I like that.

    As for the lyrics, I'm going to go with Katy Perry. Why? Because she sang with Elmo.

  3. I'm down with plastic bags drifting in the wind ... although if I hear that song one more time on the radio, I might explode like a firework myself (and not in the double entendre way she no doubt means).
    Kevin (one of the faithful 11!!)

  4. I've got to vote with Kevin. It's that plastic bag in the wind thing that grabs me the most from your list of nominees.

    May the best (!) lyric win!!!

  5. Nope. I'm with Justin Bieber: BAby, baBY, BABY, OH, baby--oops, ran out of pronunciations. Never mind. Second choice, plastic bag and in the wind.

  6. Sarah is Anonymous. I don't get all this techno stuff.