Thursday, January 13, 2011


So, for our first assignment, we are suppose to write a thirty-second story about...something. Thirty seconds to tell a story??? It took me over two hours to pick a freakin' domain name, and after all that I went with-- wait for it-- my name. Domains. Web hosts. I am so not in Kansas anymore.

As I embark on this adventure (if I call it a class I'll get dizzy and break out in hives. It's not pretty) I feel like the kid we all knew in school, the one who always asked the teacher to explain things over and over until we wanted to plunge a number two pencil in our temple. Sorry. I'll try to restrain myself. Here is my feeble attempt at creativity for now:

This, folks, is me at this stage of the game.

Truthfully, I'm looking forward to learning whatever I can, and who can resist Jim's admonition: "it's time to make some damned art already."

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  1. As some famous person no doubt said first and I later coopted, "I'd never write anything without a deadline." So here's to deadlines, even if they are 30 seconds...