Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You Don't Like My Music [Points Finger Menacingly]

My mom doesn't seem too keen on my new obsession, Steeleye Span, and something tells me that she won't be fond of Sa Dingding, who's from China and sings in Chinese, Sanskrit, and Tibetan. Cool! This is my first Sa Dingding song, "Alive."

I like her music, though I don't remember how I came across her name. The scene where my mom hears Sa Dingding's name has played out in my head before. First, she would chortle and say, "Dingding? Hmph!" I would reply that that was culturally insentitive but mispronounce insensitive because that's how the cookie crumbles in this household. Then she would listen to her music and either think of it as strangely Asian-folksy or hate it, one or the other, but my hope is that she likes it. And even after writing all of that, I still cannot remember how I found her name. I think that I was looking at the Tibetan language and somehow or another she popped up in the search engine. I haven't looked at too many other songs of hers yet, but I do think that the few that I've heard are neat-o, peep(s).

Anyways, I showed mi madre Steeleye Span and her reaction was as though it was the most obtrusive sound that she'd ever heard. Steeleye Span music is very Celtic, and, frankly, I'm not even positive that the lyrics are in English. "Royal Forester" is, thus far, my favorite.

But on a somewhat brighter note, Madre did check into Baade art and I think that the painting that uses the plague as an allegory for dating tickled her, but other than that, she remained firmly nonchalant.


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