Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weather For the Rest of the Week

In Reykjavik (for all of you geography-deficient squares out there, that would be the capital city of Iceland), it is a drizzly week.

Tomorrow, Thursday, is expected to reach a high of fifty degrees and a low of forty-two. Plus, there is a chance of light rain and lots of clouds. Burr (albeit, according to what I've read, fifty degrees is like a heat bomb compared to the usual temperature in Iceland, especially in late October).

Friday brings more rain, and more than Thursday. The high is once again anticipated to be about fifty degrees with a low of around thirty-three. No sun that day- just mean rain clouds (but apparently Iceland doesn't get thunder- it's too cold, so you just get the rain without the neat sound effects).

Saturday's weather is looking a little better. It still plans on raining, but considerably less, with a high of about forty-six degrees and a low of thirty-two degrees. We follow this up on Sunday with a high of thirty-six degrees and a low of thirty-four degrees and a chance of snow.


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