Sunday, September 6, 2009

Farewell, Molly

Did it. Sold Kailee's beloved Mazda, Molly. I'm comforted that she's going to a good home (the car, not Kailee), a cute couple with three little boys. Lisa, the new owner, is quite excited about her car.

I'm slightly less excited.

I'm not sure what it is-- it is, after all, just a car, but...

Ok, I'll admit it. As long as Molly was in the driveway, I could pretend that Kailee was just on an extended trip. But now, the empty driveway sends me a very clear message. Kailee has moved away.

Lest anyone think I'm crying on my keyboard as I type this, let me assure you I am more intrigued than depressed. After all, I've never sent a child into the world, so all this is new. I'm excited for Kailee, and feel completely comfortable with her readiness for college and beyond. And of course I miss her, terribly. It's an odd feeling, trying to reconcile both emotions. I feel like an ice cream cone, a chocolate and vanilla twist.

If I were Paul McCartney I could turn all of this into a great song for the ages. Here, I give a heavy sigh at my inadequate attempts to capture the place I'm at. But more than that, talk of chocolate and vanilla ice cream has me craving a trip to Dairy Queen.

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  1. Molly the Mazda's going to break down before you get her out of the driveway...