Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are you SURE this is good for me?

At the beginning of this summer, I got the odd desire to start running again. I haven't run further than the distance between the parking lot and Dairy Queen for over twenty years, so I wasn't so sure how this was going to turn out.

In the three months since waking up with this wild urge I have submerged myself in the running culture. I spent a lot of money on running shoes-- one pair for road work, one for trail running (and the trail shoes are SO cute!). I set up a training schedule. I worked to push through that metaphorical "wall" when all I wanted to do was stop and have a banana split. I even subscribed to Runner's World magazine. And, I am proud to say, I can now run a whopping two miles without stopping. On a good day. With a strong tail-wind.

While I am in no danger of throwing away my day job to train for the Olympics, I have discovered that running has actually given me a few good hints for life. I believe Vicki would call it the Zen of Running, but I have yet to achieve that runner's "high" I hear so much about, so frankly I don't find struggling up a hill for a mile, sucking air and wondering what has happened to all my good sense very zenful, so I will instead call it



Yes, It Would Be Easier to Drive There...

1. If you don't take the first step, you aren't going to get any closer to the finish line.

2. It's all about pace.

3. Sweat washes off.

4. Other people really aren't waiting to see you fall.

5. Stay in the moment.

6. When you can't go any further, go just ten more yards.

7. It's OK to walk, sometimes.

8. If you don't recharge, you can't go the distance.

9. Good shoes are a woman's best friend.

10. The only competitor you have to defeat is the voice inside you saying "Stop."

So, maybe I won't get past my two-mile plateau. Perhaps I will never stop questioning why I keep putting on the runnng shoes (even if they are SO cute) when all I want to do is watch "Ghost Hunters." No doubt I will never be able to match Kailee's pace.

But, I can do today what I couldn't a year ago. And that has been the best lesson of all.

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  1. Life lessons! Very profound--and, incidentally (or not), they also apply to GOLF. Of course.