Sunday, November 7, 2010

In Which I Return

After a disastrous turn using WordPress (ugh...), I am back full-time on The Madre's public journal, I Dream and Wake and Wonder. And by full-time I mean plopping some half-arsed post every three weeks. But I have plans to make some more interesting posts hopefully maybe don't count on it.

For one, I am planning my rebuttal to some idiot with a gun who is ranting and raving about the overpopulation of wolves. Check the Endangered Species Act for more information on wolves. I will be examining his thesis-worthy blog post (complete with unintentionally hilarious arguments and captions). Next, I will be posting the transcript to my documentary, tentatively titled Misunderstood Genius Syndrome. In this landmark production, I will address how sufferers of this tragic condition must face eye rolls throughout life, including interviews with three misunderstood geniuses: Lady Gaga, Ke-dollarsign-ha, and Miley Cyrus. It might bring tears to your eyes. I know that it has forever changed me.

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