Monday, November 2, 2009

Big Musical Debate

Which do you (Mom, the loyal reader) prefer:

The Phantom of the Opera or
Cats or
Chicago or

Urinetown may seem unrelated. In a category of exciting and beautiful music with complex plots and realities, Urinetown is odd, but it's nice to have a little random choice.

Anyways, there are some qualms to be expressed about The Phantom of the Opera. Namely, when Gerard Butler sings this to you, why the %&$# would you go with that pansy Raoul? What's your problem, Christine?

Who does that?

Besides everyone at Disney Channel, because that's not the point. I mean in the real world: who picks Mr. Pouty Lip over Gerard Butler?


  1. I think I would choose Eileen Page singing "Memory" with Mr. Butler in close proximity singing "Sing to me, my angel..."

  2. I think Scarlett O'Hara might make that choice....???!!...hmmmmmmm