Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hostile Takeover: A Press Release

Miss Rivas, offspring of Ms. Hinson, has taken over for this current blog posting due to her mother's inability to remain faithful to her electronic undertaking. Miss Rivas would like to note that Ms. Hinson has spent the better part of the past week saying, "I'll get to it when the creative juices start flowing," evidently forgetting that it's a freaking log and, de facto, Miss Rivas would like to summon a list of topics for her mother to write about:
  • the neighborhood cat who, depending on who you ask, is either named Grace Slick or Julia Hope
  • her future writing projects
  • her support of women's rights (who doesn't want a human rights log?)
  • bad essays from surprisingly endearing students
  • Iceland
  • the pursuit of a quality pen
  • movie, book, and music reviews
  • places to travel
  • poems, short stories, outlines, et cetera
  • the wonder that is Iceland
  • Iceland the Third
  • Norway's not bad...
  • Jet
  • Albuquerque and the sunsets that set over New Mexico and its freakishly large tarantulas
  • a fake business letter

Miss Rivas would like for it to be known that there really is no shortage of topics; the world is full of things to write about.


1 comment:

  1. Miss Hinson,

    Don't forget the Swedes. We take umbrage with Norwegians--but that's another story and yet something else to write about.

    A while back, our family discovered--much to everyone's surprise--that we have an Icelandic cousin. Not sure how THAT happened.